Deportes Cuatro

Project Description

Supersport produces one of Cuatro’s (Mediaset Spain) most consolidated shows: Deportes Cuatro. This sports show is presented by ‘The Manolos’ (Manu Carreño and Manolo Lama) from Monday to Friday right after lunch time. The night edition is presented by Nico Abad and Juanma Castaño from Monday to Friday as well, and by Luis García and Ricardo Reyes during the weekends. Deportes Cuatro has established its own unique way of telling stories and analyzing sports information. The 2014 year-end figures set a new yearly record with an audience share of 9,3% and 1.223.000 viewers. This figure rises up to a 11,6% audience share seen from a commercial target perspective, with a 15,8% highlight for the 13-24 age group and a 15,7% highlight for the 25-34 age group.